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Democrats Begin All-out Assault on James Comey

In December of 1996, James Carville, who was the campaign manager for then-President Bill Clinton, announced plans to launch an all-out media war against Kenneth Starr.

Starr was the independent counsel looking into, among other things, Clinton’s sexual involvement with a 22-year-old White House intern and his sworn testimony provided during a deposition in the Paula Jones lawsuit.

The investigation headed by Starr led to the eventual impeachment of the 42nd President of the United States.

Amid the heat of the political drama, Carville, as well as various other White House staffers, took to the broadcast and cable news airwaves to personally denounce Starr.

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Could the Hack of Sony Pictures Be an Act of War?

The hacking of Sony Pictures has taken on a new dimension of late.

There are reasons to believe that the cyber-attack against the entertainment company sought the actual destruction of technology and data as opposed to the mere taking of information. There is also a mounting stack of evidence, which suggests that the totalitarian communist dictatorship of North Korea was involved in the launching of the attack.

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‘World War Z’ Suffers from Reshoots, Rewrites, and Redos

With a $66 million take, zombie movie “World War Z,” starring Brad Pitt, did reasonably well at the box office in its opening weekend. However, the film still faces challenges to its profitability, due to the movie’s swollen production and marketing budget.

“Z” was denied the weekend’s top spot by Disney’s “Monsters University,” a G-rated animated film in the same vein as countless other super-successful family-style flicks, which these days are pretty much paying the bulk of Hollywood’s bills.

“Monsters” beat “Z” by about $16 million, hauling in over $82 million.

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Obama’s War and Hollywood’s Silence

Now that the Obama administration has decided to launch a “kinetic military action,” thereby intervening in what appears to be a struggle between Islamic jihadists and a murderous dictator, almost no one in Hollywood is voicing any opposition.

Aside from Michael Moore, outspoken celebrities who very publicly castigated the war effort that was engaged in by the Bush administration are now strangely silent over Obama’s flexing of U.S. military muscles.

This is in stark contrast to a few years back when gobs of celebrities picked up their anti-war megaphones.

Here’s a sampling:

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