Franklin Graham Lends His Support to the Canadian Truckers

A recent state of emergency was declared by Canadian government entities relating to the truck drivers who have been protesting a number of mandates that continue to be imposed by Canada’s radically left-leaning leader Justin Trudeau.

Following the state of emergency declaration, riot police were dispatched to the scene. However, while the police were still on their way, something amazing was going on in Milk River, Alberta. The big rig drivers, who have been dubbed the Freedom Convoy, were engaged in a most poignant response to the imminent circumstances they were about to face.

The truckers assembled in a peaceful linking of arms. They then proceeded to sing their country’s national anthem and recite the Lord’s Prayer together.

At what was likely an intensely stressful moment, participants didn’t react with any kind of negativity. They didn’t push back with anger or its attendant emotions. Instead they turned to the Almighty for His help with their plight and countered with expressions of love for God, country, and neighbor.

This is what faith in action looks like.

The number of admirers of the truckers for the manner in which they have comported themselves is growing exponentially. Among those who have taken note is prominent and influential American evangelical leader Franklin Graham.

Son of Billy Graham, one of the most notable evangelists of all times, Franklin is the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization.

A classic version of the archetypical “preacher’s son,” Franklin went through a rebellious period in his youth, which manifested itself through the use of cigarettes and alcohol, and his vehicle of choice, the motorcycle.

His errant behavior resulted in his dropping out of high school and a later expulsion from college.

“I wanted to be a hell raiser that lived my own life,” Franklin said. “And if it made people mad, tough. If it disappointed people, tough. It’s my life, I’m going to live it the way I want to live it, and if you don’t like it, get out of my way. That was kind of my attitude.”

But like the parable of the Prodigal Son, he eventually made his way back home. At 22 years old, he remembers his famous dad telling him that he was going to have to choose. Will it be Path A or Path B?

“He looked at me, and he said, ‘Franklin, your mother and I sense that there is a struggle for the soul of your life. And there’s no halfway. Either you’re going to have to accept Jesus Christ and what he says and obey him and follow him, or you’ll have to reject him. There’s no middle ground,’” Franklin shared.

While on a trip to Jerusalem, Franklin repented and committed his life to Jesus while alone in a hotel room.

“My years of running and rebellion had ended,” Franklin wrote in his autobiography, which is aptly titled “Rebel With A Cause.”

The blue collar pastor recently used his Twitter account to send a message of support to the Canadian truckers. He compared them and their supporters to the man best known for his midnight ride prior to the battles of Lexington and Concord, alerting the colonial militia of the approaching enemy forces.

“Pray for our neighbors to the north,” Franklin wrote. “Freedom is precious. The issue isn’t primarily masks or vaccines—the issue is FREEDOM, the freedom to make our own choices. These truckers are a modern-day version of Paul Revere, riding against oppression.”

In a follow-up tweet, he asked, “Who would’ve thought you’d ever be arrested for delivering fuel or food to people in need?”

Additionally, he posted, “But that’s what’s happening in Canada. You might be arrested for bringing fuel or food to truckers who are a part of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.”

His answer to his own question points out the abysmal manner in which the Canadian government has handled the largest peaceful protest in Canadian history.

Fortunately, despite demagoguery and vilification by some, the truckers have already secured some significant victories. Most notably, several Canadian provinces have lifted their COVID restrictions.

Franklin was enthralled by the great news of mandates being dropped in Canadian jurisdictions. He extended gratitude to the truckers and to their supporters.

“Thank you to the Freedom Convoy & all those who made sure their voices were heard at the Canadian capital & around the world,” Franklin stated.

When the mayor of Ottawa first declared a state of emergency and began to crack down on the truckers and protestors, Franklin came up with a viable solution, which he offered to authorities

“Mr. Mayor, if PM @JustinTrudeau would back up on the mask & vaccine mandates & let individuals make those decisions, those trucks will be gone,” he wrote.

One part of the many organizations that he runs is the Billy Graham “Rapid Response Team.” The team is present in downtown Ottawa, recognizable due to members’ red jackets and yellow vests, ministering to the demonstrators and offering “the peace of Christ.”

Franklin posted a plea to his following, and to all those who care about the cause of freedom.

“Continue to pray for the men and women who are standing strong for FREEDOM,” he said.

A plea that will hopefully be heard around the world.