`Exodus`Film Star Christian Bale Brands Moses as `Schizophrenic` and `Barbaric`

One of the most highly anticipated and ambitious faith-related films of modern times arrives in theaters this December. The movie, titled “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” has the potential to become a massive box-office hit.

The big-budget biblical remake’s pedigree stems from the 1956 classic, “The Ten Commandments,” which is the sixth-highest grossing movie ever, when adjusted for inflation. Another more recent religious themed epic, Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” which initiated the current faith-based film trend, shocked the cinema world at the time with its record-setting revenue.

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Hollywood Plans TV Series to Capitalize on Ebola Crisis

As anxiety over Ebola intensifies, some big names in Hollywood are looking to profit from the public angst. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a television series that weaves the deadly Ebola pathogen into its plot is soon to come.

The series will be an update of the 1994 book written by Richard Preston titled “The Hot Zone.” Veteran film director Ridley Scott, best known for “Alien,” “Blade Runner,” “Thelma & Louise,” “Gladiator,” and the upcoming “Exodus Gods and Kings,” is attached to the project along with Lynda Obst, producer of the film “Sleepless in Seattle.” Scott will also soon be directing “Killing Jesus” for the National Geographic Channel, a project that will be based on Bill O’Reilly’s best-selling book of the same name.

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Apocalyptic Themes in Films Reflect Tumultuous Times


It is a beautiful night for the end of the world.”

Ron Swanson played by Nick Offerman from Season 4 Episode 6 of “Parks and Recreation”

A good amount of the entertainment content of late has been dealing with some type of apocalypse, in other words, an end to human civilization as we know it. The end of the world is a theme that has been finding its way into numerous modes of entertainment and a wide variety of genres. AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which features an apocalypse of the zombie kind, is consistently at or near the top of the television ratings, including broadcast, cable, and streaming. The big-screen release “World War Z” followed the cinematic formula with the variance being that the zombies are lightning fast runners, despite their state of rigor mortis.

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Piers Morgan Boasts of Hollywood Support for His Anti-Gun Documentary

Even though Piers Morgan no longer has the host gig of the CNN news show that bore his name, he recently let it be known that he plans to film a cinematic attack on the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution via a documentary backed by some major Hollywood heavyweights.

“I’ve been approached by a couple of big independent producers in Hollywood to make it [anti-gun documentary],” Morgan recently told Politico, claiming that he already has a “big offer on the table” from a “big player in Hollywood” to finance the project.

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Feds Greenlight Hollywood`s Use of Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the Obama administration recently granted Hollywood an exemption to the government’s ban on commercial drone usage. The action by the FAA allows designated television and film production companies to use the unmanned aircraft on U.S. movie and TV projects.

After processing applications from seven production companies, the government agency gave six of the firms the legal right to use camera-equipped drones on specified movie and television sets. The six companies covered under the exemption are HeliVideo Productions, Aerial MOB LLC, Snaproll Media LLC, RC Pro Productions Consulting LLC, Astraeus Aerial, and Pictorvision Inc. A request by a company called Flying-Cam Inc. is still under review.

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China`s Digital Giant Alibaba Emerges as Major Hollywood Player

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba enjoyed a record-breaking debut on Wall Street last week, which shook the financial world. Now the massive firm has its sights set on Hollywood.

Other digital concerns, including Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and YouTube, have been making executives in the industry nervous with their incursions into the entertainment world.

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Prominent Film Critics Heap Praise on Pro-abortion Propaganda

PBS recently aired “After Tiller,” a documentary that lauds doctors in the United States who openly perform late-term abortions.

The film leaves out essential facts, falsely stereotypes the pro-life movement, and disingenuously sanitizes the practice of partial birth abortion. It has nevertheless won the Candescent Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and has been written about in glowing terms by numerous mainstream movie critics, which resulted in its obtaining of an extremely positive 94% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

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George Clooney and Robert Redford Opt for Ideological Film Projects


With the multitude of scandals that are swirling around the current administration, one might think that Hollywood would pick out an incident or two of intrigue to document.

No such cinematic integrity is yet being demonstrated. Instead it looks as though two major Hollywood-based artists are moving forward with film oriented material that more closely aligns with their unyielding ideologies.

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Hollywood`s Political Correctness Steeped in Groupthink

Acting legend Charlton Heston once defined political correctness as “tyranny with manners.”

In the current cultural environment, political correctness puts forth the rationale that an ideological set of standards is being exercised in an effort to prevent offensive expression. However, the implementation of the inflexible liberal rules is sometimes at the expense of liberty and truth.

Enforcement of a politically correct rubric has become, in essence, a war on various aspects of free expression including language, writing, images, and music. The left nevertheless continues to expand its politically correct applications, despite the ramifications of the inhibition of speech and alteration of behavior.

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Sagging Summer Box Office Alters Hollywood Calculus

Despite some surprising blockbuster hits, the summer box-office numbers still have the movie studios concerned.

Even though there were not the kind of poor showings the likes of those occurring last year, including “The Lone Ranger,” “White House Down,” “After Earth,” and “R.I.P.D,” which stunned the industry by tanking upon release, the summer season and possibly the entire year are likely to be major disappointments for the entertainment business revenue-wise.

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