‘Purge’ Creators Sued for Alleged Story Stealing

After another lackluster summer box-office weekend, “The Purge: Anarchy,” a newly released horror sequel, ambled in below expectations. The movie came in second behind “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” which had actually debuted one week ago.

The “Purge” sequel took in $28.4 million, which is significantly lower than the $34.1 million that the original Universal offering had brought in on its debut weekend.

Studio executives are taking some comfort in the low cost layout that was expended for “Anarchy,” which was reportedly $9 million. However, Universal has an unexpected legal headache with which it must deal in connection to the terror movie and its latest sequel.

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The Perpetual Campaign

These days it seems to be getting more and more difficult to simply follow the daily news.

The economy is shrinking, a once-model health care system has been twisted into a taxation instrument, America’s southern border is in chaos, and nuclear threats loom large on a shaky world stage.

Meanwhile President Barack Obama and his administration are seemingly unaware of how off-kilter things have become and additionally seem to be making concerted efforts to appear detached.

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Hollywood’s Summer Box-office Catastrophe

In terms of box-office performance, summer 2014 is not exactly turning out to be the blockbuster season Hollywood had been hoping for.

The Fourth of July holiday weekend, which is typically a key revenue generating time period for Hollywood, has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.

Newly released movies actually brought in 44 percent fewer dollars than they did in last year’s matching time slot, handing the entertainment industry one of the worst Independence Day weekends it has ever experienced.

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Star Spangled Salute (Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project)

A new inspiring version of the national anthem created to salute our military.

Please feel free to use the recording of the “Star Spangled Salute” in

your public and private celebrations.

If you would like to download a personal copy,

do so on the link below and donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.

It also can be found on iTunes if you search for Laguna Sky.

Proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

God Bless America!

Star Spangled



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Facebook Admits to Using Unsuspecting Participants in Research Study

Over the past weekend, an astonishing bit of information surfaced concerning social media giant Facebook.

In early June of 2014, a research study, which was conducted by Facebook researchers along with academics from Cornell University and the University of California at San Francisco, appeared in a prominent academic journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The journal article described the results of researchers’ attempts at evaluating users’ emotional responses on the Facebook website through modification of news feeds. The Facebook site was apparently experimenting to find out whether users could be made to undergo certain emotional changes through what the study referred to as “emotional contagion.”

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Kanye, Barack, and Steve

It seems that Kanye West is ready and willing to express aloud whatever he is thinking at any given moment.

Within a recent one-week span, the rap star appeared at an international advertising festival in France, made his way to Tennessee after honeymooning in Mexico, performed at a music event in the Volunteer State, and jetted off for further stops in Miami and New York.

The hip-hop artist, who currently refers to himself as Yeezus, is forever making headlines in the entertainment press and beyond. In fact, he has become quite famous for his spontaneous utterances, and ever since he and reality show queen Kim Kardashian became husband and wife, his media megaphone has been ratcheting up to a higher and higher volume.

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The Staging of the Illegal Immigrant Children Crisis

Thousands of illegal immigrant children, who somehow made the arduous journey from Central America, have arrived in the United States.

The sheer number of illegal border crossings by minors, who are reported to have made the trek to the U.S. unaccompanied by parents or guardians, has severely strained the capacity of the U.S. Border Patrol’s detention facilities in South Texas. In order to adequately house the children, officials have had to resort to the use of warehouses and military bases, some of which are located out of state.

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Republicans See Some Needed Hope in CA Primary Results

The recent primary election results in California brought some rare good tidings to the beleaguered Golden State GOP.

The Democrats in the California State Legislature, who once thought that they were easily going to recapture supermajorities in both state houses, now see their desired outcome as a much more remote possibility.

Surprisingly, candidates in key races for the California State Senate, who by significant margins obtained the highest vote counts, were Republicans.

The state senate is significant in that it is the legislative body in which Democrats were involved in scandals, which resulted in three politicians being suspended from office and criminal charges being lodged against them.

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The Sterlings Create Multibillion Dollar Legal Quagmire

Last week wrapped up with a series of unexpected events that were related to the continuing saga of Donald Sterling and his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Sterling’s estranged wife Shelly announced late Thursday night that she had signed an agreement to sell the basketball team to former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.

On Friday, the NBA canceled a hearing to oust Sterling, which had been scheduled to take place in a few days. The league continues to move forward, however, in its voting on whether to give the go-ahead of the sale to Ballmer, who still needs to obtain the approval of three-quarters of the league’s 30 owners.

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Laguna Sky Recreates Early American Song for Wounded Warrior Project

‘Johnny,’ a recreation of “Johnny Comes Marching Home” is available for 99 cents with all the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Here’s the link for “Johnny” by Laguna Sky: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/laguna-sky/id807624960 …

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